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7 Stages of Grieving, The
This is a proud milestone in Australian theatre history; a contemporary Indigenous performance text from the highly acclaimed Kooemba Jdarra. Appropriating western forms whilst using traditional storytelling, it gives emotional insight into Murri life.
Critical Essay
7 Stages of Grieving, The
Enoch, Wesley & Mailman, Deborah
Playlab, 1996
A Fortunate Life
Born in 1894, Facey lived the rough frontier life of a sheep farmer, survived the gore of Gallipoli, raised a family through the Depression and spent sixty years with his beloved wife, Evelyn. Despite enduring hardships we can barely imagine today, Facey always saw his life as a 'fortunate' one.
Teacher Resource, Critical Essay
A Fortunate Life Teacher Resource
Year: 8
Facey, A. B.
Penguin Australia, 1981
A Million Wild Acres
Thirty years ago, a bomb landed in the field of Australian consciousness of itself and its land in the form of Eric Rolls' 'A Million Wild Acres'. The ensuing explosion has caused extensive and heated debate ever since amongst historians, ecologists, environmentalists, poets and writers.
A Million Wild Acres
Rolls, Eric
GHR Press, 1981
A Mother's Disgrace
Adopted as a baby towards the end of World War II, Robert Dessaix grew up haunted by "a shaft of silence" surrounding the question of his natural mother's identity, and of his identity and sexuality.
A Mother's Disgrace
Dessaix, Robert
Angus & Robertson, 1994
Americans, Baby, The
In The Americans, Baby the milieu is a Sydney under-40 population who, hoping that being earnest or outrageous will make them feel real, are left saturated with anxiety instead.
Americans, Baby, The
Moorhouse, Frank
Random House Australia, 1972
Amy and Louis
Amy and Louis are best friends. They live next door to each other. When they want to play they call to each other across the room, across the yard or across the fence using a special word Amy’s mother taught her – Coo-ee.
Teacher Resource
Amy and Louis Teacher Resource
Year: 1
Gleeson, Libby; Blackwood, Freya
Scholastic Australia, 2006
An Imaginary Life
In the first century A. D. Publius Ovidius Naso, the most urbane and irreverant poet of imperial Rome, was banished to a remote village on the edge of the Black Sea. From these sparse facts, one of our most distinguished novelists has fashioned an audacious and supremely moving work of fiction.
An Imaginary Life
Malouf, David
Random House Australia, 1978
Are We There Yet?
Join Grace and her family on their adventurous and sometimes funny expedition. A warm, heartfelt story based on an actual journey undertaken by the much-loved, award-winning author and illustrator, Alison Lester.
Teacher Resource
Are We There Yet? Teacher Resource
Year: 3
Lester, Alison
Penguin Australia, 2004
Arrival, The
If a good picture is worth a thousand words, what is Shaun Tan's book worth? Down-to-earth and human as well as visionary, he ranges wide and says much with his book-art, showing us the way into new realms of book-making as well as into insights, feelings and points of view that must enhance ...
Teacher Resource, Critical Essay
Arrival, The Teacher Resource
Year: 10
Tan, Shaun
Hachette Australia, 2006
Arthur Boyd: A Life
Arthur Boyd's legacy is a collection of masterpieces that define the history of Australian art in the last century. But the man himself-enigmatic, inarticulate, modest-has remained in the shadows until now.
Arthur Boyd: A Life
Bungey, Darleen
Allen & Unwin, 2007
As I Grew Older
Ian Abdulla's paintings and text offer a snapshot of an Aboriginal family living on a small stretch of the Murray River in South Australia in the 1950s and 1960s.
As I Grew Older
Abdulla, Ian
Working Title Press, 1993
Ash Road
This book deals with one of the big Australian themes – a bush fire and its effects on people especially those who have accidentally caused it.
Teacher Resource
Ash Road Teacher Resource
Year: 6
Southall, Ivan
Text Publishing, 1966
Australian Legend, The
In this classic piece of Australian literary heritage, Russell Ward looks at the ideals, traits and behaviours Australians think as typical of themselves.
Australian Legend, The
Ward, Russel
Oxford University Press, 1958
Australians: Origins to Eureka
In this volume of a unique history of Australia where people are always centre stage, bestselling author Thomas Keneally brings to life the vast range of characters who have formed our national story.
Australians: Origins to Eureka
Keneally, Thomas
Allen & Unwin, 1999
Commencing with a school performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', the Shakespearean themes of suffering and reconciliation persist as three families on separate holidays are united during a fierce storm.
Teacher Resource, Critical Essay
Away Teacher Resource
Year: 10
Gow, Michael
Currency Press, 1986
David Marr is perhaps the most erudite and readable of our current political commentators. His scathing and insightful biography of Sir Garfield Barwick has become a model of its kind. It is both just and balanced and, as a result, is readable and full of insight.
Marr, David
Allen & Unwin, 2005
Bastard Boys
Bastard Boys is the story of the fight that stopped the nation – the 1998 battle for Australia's waterfront. More than just a dispute over reform, it became a campaign for the hearts and minds of all Australians.
Bastard Boys
Smith, Sue
Currency Press, 2007
Battlers, The
The flowers flared up from the ground unconquerable. The unrepentant gaiety of the weed, the burning blues and crimsons, set the hills glowing. 'It's a plant that's struck it lucky,' the Stray said thoughtfully. 'It hasn't got no right, but it's there.'
Battlers, The
Tennant, Kyle
Angus & Robertson, 1941
Best Australian Essays 2007, The
The Best Australian Essays 2007 is a rich and diverting collection of essays, compiled by one of Australia's finest writers, Drusilla Modjeska.
Best Australian Essays 2007, The
Modjeska, Drusilla
Black Inc. Publishing, 2007
Big Book of Old Tom, The
Angela Throgmorton lives alone and likes it that way. One day she finds an unusual bundle on her doorstep - Old Tom has arrived. Her life will never be the same. And nor will yours!
Teacher Resource
Big Book of Old Tom, The Teacher Resource
Year: 2
Hobbs, Leigh
Allen & Unwin, 2014