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Amy and Louis
Amy and Louis are best friends. They live next door to each other. When they want to play they call to each other across the room, across the yard or across the fence using a special word Amy’s mother taught her – Coo-ee.
Teacher Resource
Amy and Louis Teacher Resource
Year: 1
Gleeson, Libby; Blackwood, Freya
Scholastic Australia, 2006
Are We There Yet?
Join Grace and her family on their adventurous and sometimes funny expedition. A warm, heartfelt story based on an actual journey undertaken by the much-loved, award-winning author and illustrator, Alison Lester.
Teacher Resource
Are We There Yet? Teacher Resource
Year: 3
Lester, Alison
Penguin Australia, 2004
Ash Road
This book deals with one of the big Australian themes – a bush fire and its effects on people especially those who have accidentally caused it.
Teacher Resource
Ash Road Teacher Resource
Year: 6
Southall, Ivan
Text Publishing, 1966
Big Book of Old Tom, The
Angela Throgmorton lives alone and likes it that way. One day she finds an unusual bundle on her doorstep - Old Tom has arrived. Her life will never be the same. And nor will yours!
Teacher Resource
Big Book of Old Tom, The Teacher Resource
Year: 2
Hobbs, Leigh
Allen & Unwin, 2014
Big Rain Coming
A lyrical story about waiting for the rain to come to an isolated Aboriginal community. Tension in the community builds as the rain clouds thicken and grow dark. Everybody waits. When will the rain come?
Teacher Resource
Big Rain Coming Teacher Resource
Year: Foundation
Germein, Katrina; Bancroft, Bronwyn
Penguin Australia, 2002
Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek, The
When the bunyip heaves himself out of Berkeley's Creek, he has no idea what a bunyip really is! So he sets off to find out for himself.
Teacher Resource
Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek, The Teacher Resource
Year: 1
Wagner, Jenny; Brooks, Ron
Penguin Australia, 1978
Come Down, Cat!
From the combined talents of Sonya Hartnett and Lucia Masciullo comes this tale of friendship and bravery, and the things we are capable of doing for those we treasure most.
Teacher Resource
Come Down, Cat! Teacher Resource
Year: 1
Hartnett, Sonya; Masciullo, Lucia
Penguin Australia, 2013
Do Not Go Around the Edges
Daisy's life story runs along the bottom of the pages: how she was born on a mission, schooled, introduced to Christianity, started writing and what she does now. The poems and illustrations on each page often related to her life story. Useful as a reader for adult literacy or as an introduction to
Teacher Resource
Do Not Go Around the Edges Teacher Resource
Year: 3–4
Utemorrah, Daisy; Torres, Pat
Magabala Books, 1990
Don't Let a Spoonbill in the Kitchen!
When birds go places they don’t belong, they get up to all kinds of mischief. With its gorgeous illustrations and rhyming words and repetition, 'Don’t Let a Spoonbill in the Kitchen!' is ideally suited to accompany classroom learning.
Teacher Resource
Don't Let a Spoonbill in the Kitchen! Teacher Resource
Year: Foundation
Oliver, Narelle
Scholastic Australia, 2013
Dot and the Kangaroo
Tales of children lost in the bush reflected settlers' fears and actual searches and fatalities. But animals too live in danger, and in this unforgettable, beautifully-told story, with its wonderful kangaroo character, Dot learns to love and cherish animal life. A good place to start reading ...
Teacher Resource
Dot and the Kangaroo Teacher Resource
Year: 5–6
Pedley, Ethel
HarperCollins Publishers Australia, 1899
Five Times Dizzy
Greek/Australian family story set in inner Sydney. Acknowledged as the first Australian multicultural book for children.
Teacher Resource
Five Times Dizzy Teacher Resource
Year: 3–4
Wheatley, Nadia
Hachette Childrens, 1982
Inspired by the Queensland floods, Flood is a moving and sensitive story of a natural disaster as seen through the honest eyes of a cattle dog that has been separated from his family.
Teacher Resource
Flood Teacher Resource
Year: 1–2
French, Jackie; Whatley, Bruce
Scholastic Australia, 2011
Great Bear, The
A tormented circus bear sets itself free. The poetic text drops away in the final section which is told only in visuals. Winner of Bologna Ragazzi in 2000.
Teacher Resource
Great Bear, The Teacher Resource
Year: 3–4
Gleeson, Libby
Walker Books Australia, 2010
How to Heal a Broken Wing
In the busy city, no one sees the bird with a broken wing. No one, except a young boy named Will. With the help of his parents, Will takes the bird home to care for it. With rest, time, and a little hope, perhaps the bird will fly again.
Teacher Resource
How to Heal a Broken Wing Teacher Resource
Year: 2
Graham, Bob
Walker Books, 2005
Isabella's Garden
Following the well known structure of The House That Jack Built, Isabella's Garden tells the tale of growth and seasonal change, beginning and ending with the seeds that slept in the soil all dark and deep and how they bloom, flourish and ultimately lead to new growth.
Teacher Resource
Isabella's Garden Teacher Resource
Year: Foundation
Millard, Glenda; Cool, Rebecca
Walker Books, 2009
Little Brother
Set in the Kampuchea of the Khmer Rouge, one boy is in a desperate search for his family.
Teacher Resource
Little Brother Teacher Resource
Year: 5–6
Baillie, Allan
Penguin Australia, 1986
Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat
Milli could take a thing that was a nothing and turn it into a something. She could find any old forgotten this or that, give it a bit of a wiggle, and transform it into something amazing. But no one in her town valued what Milli could do, and she was far too shy to insist.
Teacher Resource
Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat Teacher Resource
Year: 1
King, Stephen Michael
Allen & Unwin, 2005
Morality of Gentlemen, The
A true classic, The Morality of Gentlemen was first published in 1984. It is one of a few great political novels ever written by an Australian about Australia political conditions.
Morality of Gentlemen, The
Lohrey, Amanda
Vulgar Press
Mulga Bill's Bicycle
'Mulga Bill's Bicycle' tells the hilarious story of Mulga Bill, who thinks he's much better at cycling than he turns out to be. A resounding crash sends him back to his original mode of transport - his trusty horse.
Teacher Resource
Mulga Bill's Bicycle Teacher Resource
Year: 2
Paterson, A.B.; Niland, Deborah; Niland, Kilmeny
HarperCollins Publishers Australia, 1973
My Girragundji
A story of growing up between two worlds. A small boy has a pet frog as his best mate and from it he gains courage. This title was a CBCA Winner in 1999.
Teacher Resource
My Girragundji Teacher Resource
Year: 5–6
McDonald, Meme
Allen & Unwin, 1998