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Ash Road
This book deals with one of the big Australian themes – a bush fire and its effects on people especially those who have accidentally caused it.
Teacher Resource
Ash Road Teacher Resource
Year: 6
Southall, Ivan
Text Publishing, 1966
Dot and the Kangaroo
Tales of children lost in the bush reflected settlers' fears and actual searches and fatalities. But animals too live in danger, and in this unforgettable, beautifully-told story, with its wonderful kangaroo character, Dot learns to love and cherish animal life. A good place to start reading ...
Teacher Resource
Dot and the Kangaroo Teacher Resource
Year: 5–6
Pedley, Ethel
HarperCollins Publishers Australia, 1899
Five Times Dizzy
Greek/Australian family story set in inner Sydney. Acknowledged as the first Australian multicultural book for children.
Teacher Resource
Five Times Dizzy Teacher Resource
Year: 3–4
Wheatley, Nadia
Hachette Childrens, 1982
Little Brother
Set in the Kampuchea of the Khmer Rouge, one boy is in a desperate search for his family.
Teacher Resource
Little Brother Teacher Resource
Year: 5–6
Baillie, Allan
Penguin Australia, 1986
My Girragundji
A story of growing up between two worlds. A small boy has a pet frog as his best mate and from it he gains courage. This title was a CBCA Winner in 1999.
Teacher Resource
My Girragundji Teacher Resource
Year: 5-6
McDonald, Meme
Allen & Unwin, 1998
Seven Little Australians
An enduring tale and one of the first Australian urban realist family novels. This book set the style for generations of writers to follow.
Teacher Resource
Seven Little Australians Teacher Resource
Year: 5–6
Turner, Ethel
Penguin Australia, 1894
Post apocalyptic novel set in the 1980s, featuring unspoken communication with the animal world.
Teacher Resource
Taronga Teacher Resource
Year: 6
Kelleher, Victor
Penguin Australia, 1985
The Great Bear
A tormented circus bear sets itself free. The poetic text drops away in the final section which is told only in visuals. Winner of Bologna Ragazzi in 2000.
Teacher Resource
The Great Bear Teacher Resource
Year: 3–4
Gleeson, Libby
Walker Books Australia, 2010
The Silver Donkey
The story of a young, blind WW1 English soldier who deserts the army in an attempt to reach home. This title was a CBCA winner in 2005.
Teacher Resource
The Silver Donkey Teacher Resource
Year: 5–6
Hartnett, Sonya
Penguin Australia, 2004
The Treasure Box
From two of our most talented picture-book creators comes this celebration of things that can't be destroyed by bombs or fire. A haunting and beautiful tale of the power of words, the importance of stories and the resilience of the human spirit.
Teacher Resource
The Treasure Box Teacher Resource
Year: 2–3
Wild, Margaret
Penguin Australia, 2013
The Two Bullies
Two bullies, one from China and one from Japan, so intimidate each other that they never actually fight. Beautifully designed and illustrated, and a CBCA Winner in 1998.
Teacher Resource
The Two Bullies Teacher Resource
Year: 3
Morimoto, Junko
Random House, 1998