Journey to the stone country

Content descriptions below link to Australian Curriculum: English (Unit 3).

General Capabilities evident across the unit include Literacy, Information and communication technology capabilityCritical and creative thinkingPersonal and social capabilityEthical understanding, and Intercultural understanding.

The cross-curriculum priority highlighted in this unit is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

English: Unit 3
Compare texts from similar or different genres and contexts
  • analysing language, structural and stylistic choices (ACEEN041)
  • explaining how each text conforms to or challenges the conventions of particular genres or modes such as crime fiction, advertising or short films (ACEEN042)
  • analysing and evaluating how similar themes, ideas or concepts are treated in different texts. (ACEEN043)
Compare and contrast distinctive features of genres
Analyse and evaluate how the conventions of texts influence responses
  • the ways language patterns can create shades of meaning (ACEEN047)
  • how expectations of genres have developed and the effect when those expectations are met or not met, extended or subverted (ACEEN048)
  • how responses to texts and genres may change over time and in different cultural contexts(ACEEN049)
Create a range of texts
Reflect on their own and others’ texts
  • analysing and evaluating how different texts represent similar ideas in different ways (ACEEN057)
  • explaining how meaning changes when texts are transformed into a different genre or medium (ACEEN058)
  • comparing and evaluating the impact of language conventions used in a variety of texts and genres. (ACEEN059)

Source for content descriptions above: Australian Curriculum: English, Unit 3.