The removalist

Content descriptions below link to Australian Curriculum: English (Year 10).

General Capabilities evident across the unit include Ethical understanding, Personal and social capability and Critical and creative thinking.

Language variation and change
Understand that Standard Australian English in its spoken and written forms has a history of evolution and change and continues to evolve. (ACELA1563) (EN5-3B)
Language for interaction

Understand how language use can have inclusive and exclusive social effects, and can empower or disempower people. (ACELA1564) (EN5-5C)

Understand that people’s evaluations of texts are influenced by their value systems, the context and the purpose and mode of communication. (ACELA1565) (EN5-7D)

Literature and context
Compare and evaluate a range of representations of individuals and groups in different historical, social and cultural contexts.(ACELT1639) (EN5-8D)
Examining literature Compare and evaluate how ‘voice’ as a literary device can be used in a range of different types of texts such as poetry to evoke particular emotional responses. (ACELT1643) (EN5-3B)
 Creating literature Create imaginative texts that make relevant thematic and intertextual connections with other texts. (ACELT1644) (EN5-6C)
Interpreting, analysing, evaluating
Identify and analyse implicit or explicit values, beliefs and assumptions in texts and how these are influenced by purposes and likely audiences. (ACELY1752) (EN5-8D)

Source for content descriptions above: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).