yirruwa yirrilikienuma langwa/when we go walkabout

The content in this unit links to the Australian Curriculum Year 1 Australian Curriculum and Stage 1 in the BOSTES NSW English K-10 syllabus.

General Capabilities evident across the unit include Information and communication technology (ICT) capabilityCritical and creative thinking and Intercultural understanding.

The cross-curriculum priorities highlighted in this unit are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and Sustainability.

Sound and letter knowledge

Manipulate sounds in spoken words including phoneme deletion and substitution (ACELA1457) (EN1-5A)

Recognise sound-letter matches including common vowel and consonant digraphs and consonant blends (ACELA1458) (EN1-5A)

Expressing and developing ideas

Compare different kinds of images in narrative and informative texts and discuss how they contribute to meaning (ACELA1453) (EN1-8B)

Identify the parts of a simple sentence that represent ‘What’s happening?’, ‘What state is being described?’, ‘Who or what is involved?’ and the surrounding circumstances (ACELA1451) (EN1-9B)

Responding to literature

Discuss characters and events in a range of literary texts and share personal responses to these texts, making connections with students’ own experiences (ACELT1582) (EN1-10C)

Express preferences for specific texts and authors and listen to the opinions of others (ACELT1583) (EN1-11D)

Examining literature Discuss features of plot, character and setting in different types of literature and explore some features of characters in different texts (ACELT1584) (EN1-10C)
Creating literature Recreate texts imaginatively using drawing, writing, performance and digital forms of communication (ACELT1586) (EN1-1A)
Creating texts
Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning about key events, ideas and information in texts that they listen to, view and read by drawing on growing knowledge of contexttext structures and language features (ACELY1660) (EN1-10C)

Source for content descriptions above: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).