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  • Sister Heart

    A young Aboriginal girl is taken from the north of Australia and sent to an institution in the distant south. There, she slowly makes a new life for herself and finds strength in new friendships. Sister Heart affirms the power of family and kinship.


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  • The Coconut Children

    Life in the troubled neighbourhood of Cabramatta demands too much too young. Sonny and Vince used to be childhood friends. But with all that happened in-between, childhood seems so long ago… An urgent, moving and wise debut from a young and gifted storyteller.


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  • Tristan Bancks

    Tristan Bancks tells stories for the page and screen. His books for kids and teens include Two Wolves, The Fall, Detention, the Tom Weekly series, Nit Boy and Ginger Meggs, a 100th anniversary book of short stories based on characters created by his great-great uncle, Jimmy Bancks, in 1921. Tristan’s books have won and been […]

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  • Kelly Canby

    Kelly Canby is an internationally published illustrator and author. Kelly was born in London, but has lived in Australia since the age of three, which is probably around the same age she started playing with pencils and crayons, and it was probably only a few years after that that she decided playing with pencils and […]

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  • Larissa Behrendt

    Larissa is the author of three novels: Home, which won the 2002 David Unaipon Award and the regional Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book; Legacy, which won the 2010 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Indigenous Writing; and After Story, shortlisted for the Indigenous Writers’ Prize at the 2022 NSW Premier’s Literary Award, General Fiction […]

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  • Danny Parker

    Danny Parker has been an actor, a nurse, an undertaker and a drama teacher. The youngest of six children, Danny grew up with a family competing for airtime at the dinner table. His memories of the stories told and the laughter ringing out as one sibling or another held court surely influenced his own desire […]

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  • Bethany Macdonald

    Bethany Macdonald is an artist and bookseller. She works primarily in paper collage, using traditional cut and paste techniques, painting and preparing different kinds of paper or cardboard before tearing, cutting and assembling it to create her vibrant textured illustrations. Paperboy is the first picture-book Bethany has illustrated. Photo courtesy of Dirt Lane Press

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