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  • Two Mates

    Jack is Indigenous and Raf is a non-Indigenous boy who has Spina bifida. The boys share their daily life as they search for hermit crabs, go hunting for barni, fish for salmon, explore the markets, eat satays and dress up as superheros. The true story of the special mateship between two boys who have grown up together in Broome in Australia’s north west.

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  • Reg Saunders: An Indigenous War Hero

    What happened during the war to transform a determined young man from country Victoria into a war hero – one who would go on to serve with distinction in the Korean War, and become a pioneering figure for Indigenous rights? This is the little-known story of Reg Saunders, the first Indigenous Australian to become an officer in the Army, retold in action-packed graphic format.

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  • Look Who’s Morphing

    What can be done with the short short story? Tom Cho shows us, with great variety and always-live language. Acutely actual, Cho’s fictions speak from the life of the young, looking in many directions and making choices not available to older generations. This is on the exciting edge of literary.

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  • Melanie Prewett

    Melanie Prewett is a mother of two children who set out to create a story showing that physical disability is no barrier to true friendship. Melanie started off her working life in an employment agency and this took her to Fitzroy Crossing and Derby in the Kimberley. Now Melanie works in Broome for the Education […]

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  • Hugh Dolan and Adrian Threlfall

    HUGH DOLAN is a former intelligence officer with the Royal Australian Air Force. He is the creator of a series of historical graphic novels, including Gallipoli: The Landing (2014) and Reg Saunders: An Indigenous War Hero (2015), and the author of 36 Days: The untold story behind the Gallipoli landings (2010). The documentary film Gallipoli […]

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  • Tom Cho

    Influenced by the young adult book series Sweet Valley High,Tom Cho began writing fiction in his mid-teens. His stories have appeared in many publications in Australia and overseas, and he has performed at festivals around the country, including in the award-winning show Hello Kitty, which combined literature with power ballads. He has a PhD in […]

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