ABC Splash author interviews with Reading Australia

ABC Splash author interviews are commencing.

The Copyright Agency’s Reading Australia initiative has collaborated with ABC’s ‘Splash’ online education portal, to present interviews with ten of the best Australian writers and illustrators who feature in Reading Australia’s list.

Designed by the Reading Australia team, the ABC Splash author interviews provide engaging multi-media material to complement the teacher resources on the Reading Australia website.

In the interviews conducted by Tom Tilley of Triple J’s HACK program, each writer or illustrator discusses the inspirations, themes and construction of one of their works that appear on the Reading Australia list; providing an insightful, personal view from these talented storytellers.

The authors and illustrators interviewed include:

Each interview is accompanied by useful educational summaries for students and teachers.

This project is the latest example of how Reading Australia is creating easily-accessible, quality educational resources for use in Australian classrooms, while also helping build a love of our unique Australian stories.

Check out the ABC Splash author interviews on the ABC’s website.