We want to make it easy for teachers to choose great Australian works to share with their students.

To this end, Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund has supported the creation of Primary and Secondary teacher resources for Australian works, linked to the Australian Curriculum, and will also provide materials for tertiary-level study in the future.

For Primary and Secondary schools we are providing educational resources which assist classroom teachers to navigate these texts within the framework of the new Australian Curriculum. The units include sample classroom and assessment activities, and links to other relevant online resources. To produce these resources, we have partnered with the Primary English Teaching Association of Australia, the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association, the Australian Association for the Teaching of English, and the English Teachers’ Association NSW.

In addition, for the works selected for study in Secondary schools, we have commissioned contemporary essays by high profile authors to explain the ongoing relevance of titles on the Reading Australia list  (PDF, 2MB), and promote their use in classrooms. These essays are personal responses from some of Australia’s most engaging authors, providing fresh and sharp perspectives on these texts.

We want to work with Australia’s teachers to develop Reading Australia so that it is the go-to place for any teacher of English who wants to find quality, insightful material about Australia’s rich and unique literature.

We welcome comments and suggestions to help us make Reading Australia the most dynamic and useful offering it can be.