Benny Bungarra’s Big Bush Clean-up

General Capabilities evident throughout this unit include Literacy and Critical and Creative Thinking

This unit addresses the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

The content in this unit links to the Australian Curriculum: Foundation (English).

Expressing and developing ideas
Explore the different contribution of words and images to meaning in stories and informative texts (ACELA1786) (ENe-2A)
Understand the use of vocabulary in familiar contexts related to everyday experiences, personal interests and topics taught at school (ACELA1437) (ENe-10C)
Phonics and word knowledgeRecognise and generate rhyming words, alliteration patterns, syllables and sounds (phonemes) in spoken words (ACELA1439) (ENe-10C)
Responding to literature
Respond to texts, identifying favourite stories, authors and illustrators (ACELT1577) (ENe-11D)
Share feelings and thoughts about the events and characters in texts (ACELT1783) (ENe-1A)
Creating literatureRetell familiar literary texts through performance, use of illustrations and images (ACELT1580) (ENe-4A)

Innovate on familiar texts through play (ACELT1831) (ENe-10C)
Interacting with others
Listen to and respond orally to texts and to the communication of others in informal and structured classroom situations (ACELY1646) (ENe-1A)
Use interaction skills including listening while others speak, using appropriate voice levels, articulation and body language, gestures and eye contact (ACELY1784) (ENe-1A)
Interpreting, analysing, evaluating Use comprehension strategies to understand and discuss texts listened to, viewed or read independently (ACELY1650) (ENe-10C)
Creating textsCreate short texts to explore, record and report ideas and events using familiar words and beginning writing knowledge (ACELY1651) (ENe-10C)