Investigate and evaluate the relationships between texts and contexts by:undertaking close analysis of texts (ACEEN060)

examining how each text relates to a particular context or contexts (ACEEN061)

comparing the contexts in which texts are created and received (ACEEN062)
Evaluate different perspectives, attitudes and values represented in texts by:analysing content, purpose and choice of language (ACEEN063)

exploring other interpretations and aspects of context to develop a considered response (ACEEN065)
Evaluate how texts convey perspectives through:the selection of mode, medium, genre and type of text (ACEEN066)

the ways points of view and values are represented (ACEEN067)
Create a range of texts:using appropriate language and stylistic features to sustain a personal voice and point of view (ACEEN069)

using nuanced language (ACEEN070)

synthesising ideas and opinions to develop complex argument (ACEEN071)

substantiating and justifying their own responses using textual evidence (ACEEN072)

using strategies for planning, drafting, editing and proofreading (ACEEN074)

using accurate spelling, punctuation, syntax and metalanguage (ACEEN075)
Reflect on their own and others’ texts by:analysing and evaluating how different attitudes and perspectives underpin texts (ACEEN076)

questioning the assumptions and values in texts (ACEEN077)

identifying omissions, inclusions, emphases and marginalisations (ACEEN078)

discussing and evaluating different readings of texts (ACEEN079)