Australian Curriculum Version 9.0

Language for interacting with othersUnderstand how language expresses and creates personal and social identities AC9E7LA01

Recognise language used to evaluate texts including visual and multimodal texts, and how evaluations of a text can be substantiated by reference to the text and other sources AC9E7LA02
Language for expressing and developing ideasAnalyse how techniques such as vectors, angle and/or social distance in visual texts can be used to create a perspective AC9E7LA07
Literature and contextsIdentify and explore ideas, points of view, characters, events and/or issues in literary texts, drawn from historical, social and/or cultural contexts, by First Nations Australian, and wide-ranging Australian and world authors AC9E7LE01
Engaging with and responding to literatureExplain the ways that literary devices and language features such as dialogue, and images are used to create character, and to influence emotions and opinions in different types of texts AC9E7LE03
Examining literatureDiscuss the aesthetic and social value of literary texts using relevant and appropriate metalanguage AC9E7LE04

Identify and explain the ways that characters, settings and events combine to create meaning in narratives AC9E7LE05

Identify and explain how literary devices create layers of meaning in texts including poetry AC9E7LE06
Creating literatureCreate and edit literary texts that experiment with language features and literary devices encountered in texts AC9E7LE07
Interacting with othersUse interaction skills when discussing and presenting ideas and information including evaluations of the features of spoken texts AC9E7LY02
Analysing, interpreting and evaluatingAnalyse the ways in which language features shape meaning and vary according to audience and purpose AC9E7LY03

Explain the structure of ideas such as the use of taxonomies, cause and effect, extended metaphors and chronology AC9E7LY04

Use comprehension strategies such as visualising, predicting, connecting, summarising, monitoring, questioning and inferring to analyse and summarise information and ideas AC9E7LY05
Creating textsPlan, create, edit and publish written and multimodal texts, selecting subject matter, and using text structures, language features, literary devices and visual features as appropriate to convey information, ideas and opinions in ways that may be imaginative, reflective, informative, persuasive and/or analytical AC9E7LY06

Plan, create, rehearse and deliver presentations for purposes and audiences in ways that may be imaginative, reflective, informative, persuasive and/or analytical, by selecting text structures, language features, literary devices and visual features, and using features of voice including volume, tone, pitch and pace AC9E7LY07