Loyal Creatures

General capabilities evident throughout this unit includes LiteracyIntercultural UnderstandingCritical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding and Personal and Social Capability.

This unit addresses the cross-curriculum priority of Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia (loosely through Middle Eastern historical contexts in Palestine 1914).

Content descriptions below link to Australian Curriculum: Year 5 (English).


Language for interaction

Understand how to move beyond making bare assertions and take account of differing perspectives and points of view. (ACELA1502) (EN3-8D)
Text structure and organisation

Understand how texts vary in purpose, structure and topic as well as the degree of formality (ACELA1504) (EN3-8D)

Understand how often authors innovate on text structures and play with language features to achieve aesthetic, humorous and persuasive purposes and effects (ACELA1518) (EN3-5B)

Expressing and developing ideas Understand the use of vocabulary to express greater precision of meaning, and know that words can have different meanings in different contexts (ACELA1512) (EN3-7C)


Literature and context

Identify aspects of literary texts that convey details or information about particular social, cultural and historical contexts. (ACELT1608) (EN3-8D)
Responding to literature Present a point of view about particular literary texts using appropriate metalanguage, and reflecting on the viewpoints of others. (ACELT1609) (EN3-7C)
Examining Literature Recognise that ideas in literary texts can be conveyed from different viewpoints, which can lead to different kinds of interpretations and responses. (ACELT1610) (EN3-7C) 
Creating literature Create literary and fantasy settings and characters that draw on the worlds represented in texts students have experienced. (ACELT1612) (EN3-7C)


Texts in context  

Show how ideas and points of view in texts are conveyed through the use of vocabulary, including idiomatic expressions, objective and subjective language, and that these can change according to context. (ACELY1698) (EN3-7C)
Interpreting, analysing, evaluating

Navigate and read texts for specific purposes applying appropriate text processing strategies, for example predicting and confirming, monitoring meaning, skimming and scanning. (ACELY1702) (EN3-7C)

Use comprehension strategies to analyse information, integrating and linking ideas from a variety of print and digital sources. (ACELY1703) (EN3-3A)

Creating texts Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive print and multimodal texts, choosing text structures, language features, images and sound appropriate to purpose and audience. (ACELY1704) (EN3-2A)