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General Capabilities evident across the unit include Literacy, Information and communication technology capability, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, Ethical understanding, and Intercultural understanding.

The cross-curriculum priority highlighted in this unit is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture.

This resource targets the content descriptors for Australian Curriculum: English Senior Secondary (Unit 3). This text could also be studied in the Australian Curriculum: Literature senior secondary course and some of these activities may be helpful for that study.

Unit 3
Compare texts from similar or different genres and contexts by:
  • analysing language, structural and stylistic choices (ACEEN041)
  • explaining how each text conforms to or challenges the conventions of particular genres or modes such as crime fiction, advertising or short films (ACEEN042)
  • analysing and evaluating how similar themes, ideas or concepts are treated in different texts. (ACEEN043)
Compare and contrast distinctive features of genres by:
  • analysing the techniques and conventions used in different genres, mediums and modes (ACEEN044)
  • considering how the conventions of genres can be challenged, manipulated or parodied (ACEEN045)
  • examining how genres and their conventions have changed and adapted over time. (ACEEN046)
Analyse and evaluate how the conventions of texts influence responses, including:
  • how expectations of genres have developed and the effect when those expectations are met or not met, extended or subverted (ACEEN048)
  • how responses to texts and genres may change over time and in different cultural contexts. (ACEEN049)
Create a range of texts:
  • making innovative and imaginative use of language features (ACEEN051)
  • using and experimenting with text structures and language features related to specific genres for particular effects (ACEEN052)
  • sustaining analysis and argument (ACEEN053)
  • using appropriate referencing; for example, footnotes, in-line citations and reference lists (ACEEN054)
  • using strategies for planning, drafting, editing and proofreading (ACEEN055)
  • using accurate spelling, punctuation, syntax and metalanguage. (ACEEN056)
Reflect on their own and others’ texts by:
  • analysing and evaluating how different texts represent similar ideas in different ways (ACEEN057)
  • explaining how meaning changes when texts are transformed into a different genre or medium (ACEEN058)
  • comparing and evaluating the impact of language conventions used in a variety of texts and genres. (ACEEN059)

Source for content descriptions above: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).