The Peasant Prince

General capabilities evident throughout the unit include Literacy, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability and Intercultural understanding.

This unit address the cross-curriculum priorities Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.

Content descriptions below link to Australian Curriculum: Year 3 (English) and Year 4 (English).


Language variation and change

Understand that languages have different written and visual communication systems, different oral traditions and different ways of constructing meaning (ACELA1475) (EN2-7B)
Expressing and developing ideas Explore the effect of choices when framing an image, placement of elements in the image, and salience on composition of still and moving images in a range of types of texts (ACELA1496) (EN2-10C)


Examining Literature

Discuss how language is used to describe the settings in texts, and explore how the settings shape the events and influence the mood of the narrative (ACELT1599) (EN2-7B)
Responding to literature

Draw connections between personal experiences and the worlds of texts, and share responses with others (ACELT1596) (EN2-2A)

Discuss literary experiences with others, sharing responses and expressing a point of view (ACELT1603) (EN2-11D)

Creating Literature Create literary texts that explore students’ own experiences and imagining (ACELT1607) (EN2-10C)


Texts in context 

Identify and explain language features of texts from earlier times and compare with the vocabulary, images, layout and content of contemporary texts (ACELY1686) (EN2-7B)
Interacting with others Plan and deliver short presentations, providing some key details in logical sequence (ACELY1677) (EN2-10C)
Creating Texts

Use software including word processing programs with growing speed and efficiency to construct and edit texts featuring visual, print and audio elements (ACELY1685) (EN2-3A)

Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts containing key information and supporting details for a widening range of audiences, demonstrating increasing control over text structures and language features (ACELY1694) (EN2-2A)