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Content descriptions below link to Australian Curriculum: Literature Unit 4.

General Capabilities evident across the unit include Ethical understanding and Intercultural understanding.

The cross-curriculum priority highlighted in this unit is Sustainability.

Literature: Unit 4
Evaluate the dynamic relationship between authors, texts, audiences and contexts
  • how literature reflects cultural change and difference (ACELR053)
  • the ways in which the expectations and values of audiences shape perceptions of texts and their significance (ACELR054)
  • how texts in different literary forms, mediums or traditions are the same or different (ACELR055)
  • how interpretations of texts vary over time (ACELR056)
  • the ways in which perspectives are conveyed through texts drawn from other times and cultures, and how these may be renewed for a contemporary Australian audience (ACELR057)
Evaluate and reflect on the ways in which literary texts can be interpreted
  • how ideas, values and assumptions are conveyed (ACELR058)
  • how medium, form, language and wordplay contribute to interpretations of texts (ACELR060)
Create analytical texts
  • developing a creative, informed and sustained interpretation supported by close textual analysis (ACELR062)
  • using appropriate linguistic, stylistic and critical terminology to evaluate and justify interpretations of texts (ACELR063)
  • experimenting with different modes, mediums and forms (ACELR065)
Create imaginative texts

Source for content descriptions above: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).