ABC Education has a whole bunch of English resources that explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Learn about language conventions while discovering various Australian Indigenous languages and cultures. Here are the ten most popular resources, as decided by teachers, parents and students!

1. Learn some of the Noongar language

Watch this video and learn some words in Noongar, the official language of the Indigenous people of the south-west of Western Australia. You can also learn the medicinal property of some plants.

2. Preserving the Badimaya language

The Badimaya language, from WA, is in danger of becoming extinct. How important is it to preserve a language? Watch this video to find out the importance of language to identity and culture.

3. Learn a Dhurga greeting

Walawaani means “We hope you’ve had a safe journey here” or “We hope you have a safe journey home”. Learn this Dhurga greeting by listening to teacher Kerry Boyenga and the students of St Mary’s Primary School in Moruya.

4. Learn to count in Kaurna

Presenter Taylor Power-Smith helps kids learn to count to ten in Kaurna, the Indigenous language of the Kaurna people of Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains.

5. The Buyungurra who didn’t listen

Bianca McNeair shares a traditional story that her mother told her when she was growing up. Bianca uses words from the Malgana language, which is spoken in the area around Shark Bay in Western Australia.

6. Welcome to Shelly Beach, Port Lincoln

Local Parnkalla (Barngarla) boys take you to their special place: Shelly Beach in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Learn some Parnkalla words as the boys share a story about what connects their family and community to this beach.

7. Count to 10 in Gomeroi

Community cultural leader Matthew Priestley has been teaching students at Moree East Public School how to speak the traditional Gomeroi language. Listen as the students teach you how to count to ten.

8. Name parts of the body in Dhurga

Watch and listen as students of St Mary’s Primary School in Moruya teach you how to name eight body parts in Dhurga, the first language of the NSW far south coast between Wandandean, Braidwood and Wallaga Lake.

9. Indigenous Language Map

Explore this interactive map to discover Indigenous languages across Australia! The Aboriginal Language Map attempts to represent all of the language or tribal or nation groups of Indigenous people of Australia.

10. Discover the diversity of Australia’s Indigenous languages

This special video was created by First Languages Australia to show the diversity and beauty of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. Why do you think it is important for young people to learn traditional languages?

This article was reproduced with permission from ABC Education. To learn more visit our partners’ page.