Illustrator Ann James has illustrated colouring sheets exclusively for Reading Australia, available here as free downloads for teachers and students.

Duck and Pig are characters created by Ann James who spend their days gardening, playing on swings and chatting by the river. Students can join in their adventures by colouring in the drawings!

Ann has left this message for students:

In my drawings I have left space for you to add your own drawings and ideas. Then you can add colour wherever you like! Think about what’s happening, what time of day it is, what the weather is like. Is it day time or night time – or in between? Do the characters have names? Often my drawings can be story ideas. So you might like to make up a story about the picture you create around my drawing.

A Note for Teachers (PDF, 322KB)

Drawing 1: Duck and Pig chat by the river (PDF, 246KB)

Drawing 2: Duck and Pig in a boat (PDF, 220KB)

Drawing 3: Duck and Pig gardening (PDF, 199KB)

Drawing 4: Duck and Pig swing (PDF, 198KB)