How many times have you read a treasured book and wished you could jump right in and join the characters in their adventures? Or dreamed that you could be your favourite character’s best friend or even second cousin? Below are the five families from Australian books that we, at Reading Australia, wish we could be a part of.

Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner

What we love about the family from Seven Little Australians is the bond between the siblings. Though they’re deliberately naughty and spend their time dreaming up new ways to wreak havoc, they are charming, intelligent and inherently kind, especially to each other.

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Are We There Yet? by Alison Lester

This family is curious, adventurous, close-knit, and they know the importance of creating memories and spending quality time together. We would love to join them on their next holiday – it’s bound to be full of new, exciting experiences!

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It’s Raining in Mango by Thea Astley

We imagine that being part of the Laffey clan would involve long weekends spent at the fictional town of Mango in tropical Queensland curled up on the couch next to your elderly auntie as she flips through old photo albums and tells you fascinating stories about long-gone relatives. We’d want to be a Laffey simply for the history.

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Five Times Dizzy by Nadia Wheatley

Apart from the obvious benefits (access to delicious Greek food like stuffed eggplant, yoghurt cake, souvlakia…) being a part of the Nikakis family would mean being constantly reminded to celebrate life, and stopping at nothing to make sure each member of the family is happy, even if that means buying a goat for your Yaya!

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The Harp in the South by Ruth Park

If we could travel back in time, then we’d go straight to the Darcy residence at Twelve-and-a-Half Plymouth Street, Surry Hills. While there’s poverty, alcoholism and grief over Mumma’s lost boy, there is also the unconditional love and happiness for each other that keeps the Darcys united through hard times.

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