We were blown away by all of the amazing poems we received throughout March – students experimented with form, genre, rhyming schemes, even their choice of muse (teachers, you are an inspiring bunch!).

Thank you to the 550+ students who crafted such wonderful poems for us to read, and to the teachers who provided the guidance and inspiration. Below are our two World Poetry Day competition winners. Cobie from Year 9 has won our Secondary prize including copies of The ABC Book of Australian Poetry compiled by Libby Hathorn and Ruby Moonlight by Ali Cobby Eckermann, and Sebastian from Year 4 has won our Primary prize, including copies of Pearl Verses the World by Sally Murphy and The ABC Book of Australian Poetry compiled by Libby Hathorn. Plus, each of the winning student’s schools will receive the same set of books for their school library!

Winner one: Cobie, Year 9, Galilee School (ACT)


Ear piercing noise
Sitting in the cockpit
Eyes forward
Revving the engine
Clocks in to gear purring, revving and screaming
Like a rocket
Breaking the sound barrier
Crashing thunder on the track

Winner two: Sebastian, Year 4, St Gerard’s Catholic Primary School (NSW) 

My Difference

I wonder if people feel different when they’re deaf
Maybe they are hard of hearing on their left ear,
Just like me. I feel different from the others
but I don’t want to take cover
Deafness doesn’t make me who I am
I put my differences aside
and glide like a majestic eagle.