13 leading associations join together to advocate for the power and pleasure of literature in the development of literacy

We all love a good story!

Stories enable us to envision alternative possibilities and different ways of knowing, doing, being and becoming. It is well established that literature nurtures empathy and helps us understand ourselves and others. Every learner must have easy access to a rich diversity of literature in their lives and learning.

That’s why thirteen Australian professional associations, organisations, foundations and councils, together representing thousands of English and literacy educators, authors, artists and community members, have collaborated to develop a series of online presentations that celebrate the power of literature and form a free Literature Symposium for 2022. The series begins in June and concludes in mid-November.

With sessions on everything from conversations with authors, artists, educators and young learners, to short keynotes to panel discussions, the symposium explores literature from all angles – and highlights how story should be incorporated into learning and development across the curriculum.

‘In 2022, it is more important than ever that we all understand and celebrate the power of literature to help us imagine, question, interpret, understand, laugh and heal. We need to see ourselves in stories. Sharing stories enables us to come together as a rich and diverse community,’ said Professor Robyn Ewing.

Each FREE, online event will be useful for teachers, librarians, school leaders, early years educators, parents and carers, and all interested in ensuring there is rich literature in every home, preschool, classroom and library.

We all love a good story. Let’s share the joy and wonder with future generations.

The organisations are:


Robyn Ewing AM