Thank you to everyone who entered our Tim Winton classics giveaway! We are delighted to announce that the winner is Amber L. from WA – congratulations!

Amber has won a collection of Winton’s bestselling titles (along with his latest release), all sporting bold new cover designs. She was kind enough to share what it was about Winton’s writing that resonated so strongly with her.

‘I was at high school in Albany when Tim Winton published Lockie Leonard, and from there I was connected to his writing through a shared sense of place and a love of reading. Winton’s writing captures something unique about growing up in WA, from the scrub to the city to the wild south coast, and to read his words is to feel that you belong – that you are not alone.’

And an added bonus: ‘As my current copies of Winton’s works are battered and yellowing (some with disintegrating spines), I am very excited to read them anew in a fresh format!’

Thank you once again to everyone who entered the giveaway, and to Penguin Random House for providing the books for the prize pack!