Publisher's synopsis

A brutally honest account of love, marriage, families and death.It wasn’t until years later that I realised the obvious – the difference between us and the mythical normal family I was certain existed, was in fact the fiction… There is always so much more and it swims, shimmering beneath the surface, glittering with all the inherent contradictions of who we are, the changes that time brings and the very elusiveness of a life slipping through our fingers.

Births Deaths Marriage is about life and how we really live it. These true tales move from visits to nudist communes, to losing your virginity; to going to couples’ counseling and coping with death in the family. From a bohemian childhood in the seventies to becoming a mother and a writer, Georgia Blain explores a new land – true life in all its extraordinary richness – taking us deep into the heart of how we love, learn, fail, and try to learn again.