Publisher's synopsis

Remember daughter, the world is a lot bigger than anyone knows. There are things that science may never explain. Maybe some things that shouldn’t be explained.

Stacey and Laney are twins – mirror images of each other – and yet they’re as different as the sun and the moon. Stacey works hard at school, determined to get out of their small town. Laney skips school and sneaks out of the house to meet her boyfriend. But when Laney disappears one night, Stacey can’t believe she’s just run off without telling her.

As the days pass and Laney doesn’t return, Stacey starts dreaming of her twin. The dreams are dark and terrifying, difficult to understand and hard to shake, but at least they tell Stacey one key thing – Laney is alive. It’s hard for Stacey to know what’s real and what’s imagined and even harder to know who to trust. All she knows for sure is that Laney needs her help.

Stacey is the only one who can find her sister. Will she find her in time?


  • Winner, 2020 ACT Book of the Year Award
  • Winner, 2020 Queensland Literary Awards – Griffith University Young Adult Book Award
  • Winner, Readings Young Adult Book Prize 2020
  • Winner, 2020 Norma K Hemming Award – Long Work
  • Winner, 2017 Queensland Literary Awards – Unpublished Indigenous Writer: David Unaipon Award
  • Honour Book, 2020 CBCA Book of the Year Awards – Book of the Year: Older Readers
  • Shortlisted, The NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2021 – Ethel Turner Prize for Young People’s Literature
  • Shortlisted, Aurealis Award – Best Young Adult Novel
  • Longlisted, Australian Book Design Awards 2020 (ABDAs) – Best Designed Young Adult Cover