Publisher's synopsis

Good Muslim Boy tells the story of Osamah Sami’s journey from Iran during the Iraq war to the suburbs of Australia and his quest to fit into his new life whilst trying to stay a good Muslim boy.
In turns comic and tragic, Osamah’s story explores the universal truths of growing up, falling in love, marriage, family and following one’s dream; whilst also telling the immigrant’s story of straddling two cultures and the difficult expectations of family and faith versus fitting in.

Osamah begins by recounting his youth under Islamic rule in Iran: the mischievous antics that he and his friends would get up to, and the lengths they would go to for a little contact with girls – resulting in hilarious reprimands from the ‘Piety Police’. But the inescapable impacts of war are never far away and Osmah details the trauma his family suffered from the violence in Iran and their desperation to reach safer shores in Australia.

Cut to Australia years later where Osamah is pretending to attend university after lying to his family about his final high school results, afraid of the shame it will it cause to learn that their son didn’t make it into medical school. While embroiled in his lie, Osamah meets the girl of his dreams – but as neither of their parents would approve of their relationship, they must carry out their affair in secret…

What ensues must be read to be believed, an arranged marriage is escaped; true love is embraced; and an acting career evolves, as Osamah goes on the road staging a show entitled ‘Saddam The Musical’.

With a distinct authorial voice, Osamah Sami’s A Good Muslim Boy unfolds and enchants us; both funny and entertaining, we are enlightened, shocked, saddened, made to laugh, and ultimately uplifted in a tale that couldn’t come at a more prescient time.