Publisher's synopsis

Mulga Bill’s Bicycle was written by Banjo Paterson in 1896. It was written at a time when cycling was a relatively new and popular social activity. Cycles were ridden everywhere, including in the outback by shearers and other workers who needed to travel cheaply. It tells the hilarious story of Mulga Bill, who thinks he’s much better at cycling than he turns out to be. A resounding crash sends him back to his original mode of transport – his trusty horse. Kilmeny and Deborah Niland’s delightful illustrations catch the mood and humour of Paterson’s verse with great spirit, and this book has become an enduring classic.


  • Winner 1973 ABPA Book Design Award
  • Winner 1974 Visual Arts Board Award
  • Winner 1976 IBBY Certificate of Honour


Mulga Bill’s Bicycle was illustrated by twin sisters Deborah and Kilmeny Niland, daughters of author Ruth Park.

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