Reading Australia has partnered with Magabala Books to create 15 resources for books, over the course of 2017, by Indigenous authors and illustrators.

Magabala Books is a publishing house that focuses on bringing Indigenous voices and talent to the forefront. The project was inspired by the many teachers who reached out to Reading Australia to ask for more resources on works by Indigenous creators, and particularly units that showed non-Indigenous teachers how to teach Indigenous texts.

This project was made possible by a grant of $33,550 from the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

Published Magabala resources

As resources are published, their book covers will appear below. To access the resource, simply click on the book cover image.


  1. Once There Was a Boy – Written and illustrated by Dub Leffler
  2. The Lizard Gang – Written by Kirra Somerville and illustrated by Grace Fielding
  3. Mad Magpie – Written and illustrated by Gregg Dreise
  4. Fog a Dox – Written by Bruce Pascoe
  5. Two Mates – Written by Melanie Prewett and illustrated by Maggie Prewett
  6. Scaly-tailed Possum and Echidna – Written by Cathy Goonack and illustrated by Katrina Goonack, Marlene Goonack, Myron Goonack
  7. Stolen Girl – Written by Trina Saffioti and illustrated by Norma MacDonald
  8. The Girl from the Great Sandy Desert – Written by Jukuna Mona Chuguna, Pat Lowe and illustrated by Mervyn Street
  9. Our World: Bardi Jaawi Life at Ardiyooloon – Written by One Arm Point Remote Community School
  10. Tjarany Roughtail – Written by Gracie Greene and Joe Tramacchi, and illustrated by Lucille Gill
  11. Mrs Whitlam – Written by Bruce Pascoe
  12. Alfred’s War – Written by  Rachel Bin Salleh, and illustrated by Samantha Fry
  13. The Outback – Written by Annaliese Porter, and illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft
  14. Little Corroboree Frog – Written by Tracey Holton-Ramirez, and illustrated by Angela Ramirez