Thank you to everyone who took part in our Glasshouse of Stars giveaway back in June! We couldn’t help but smile at your creative and beautifully-written responses. Whether on the beach, in the garden or among books, we’re pleased that so many of you have a place where you feel at peace.

With so many great entries it was difficult to narrow down the list. But congratulations to the five winners, who each receive a copy of Shirley Marr’s beautiful book:

  1. Carol P. from QLD, who wrote about her school: “The best part is every student. They are the most precious young people who make my days eventful, exciting, chaotic, crazy, memorable and even a bit special.”
  2. Lesley M. from VIC, with some particularly poetic descriptions: “a hiding place for tough outlaws and tender orchids, and lone walkers seeking the solace of a sunset.”
  3. Lexie J. from NSW, who wisely said: “A home doesn’t have to be a house, a thing, or a place. For me, it is always with my family.”
  4. Maggie T. from WA, one of many avid gardeners: “[It is] a quiet place designed around native plants that flower at different times of the year. It is my place for solitude, rest and delight.”
  5. Sally H. from SA, another green thumb: “My mind shifts gear from work and busy thoughts to birds chirping, butterflies and sunshine. My garden restores me and truly is home.”

Thank you once more to everyone who participated, and to Penguin Random House for teaming up with us on this giveaway!